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Tired of tape backups? You're not alone.
  • Tape backup has been around for more than 25 years and still has a 50% failure rate
  • More than 50% of employees back up their data to a misconfigured tape backup system (Iron Mountain)
  • More than 34% do not test their backups and those that tested (77%) found their tape backup failed to recover (Storage Magazine)
  • Nearly 50% of tape-based backups (or backup systems) fail to restore correctly (Gartner Group)
  • Tapes wear out, just like a VHS, but you can't tell by visual examination whether it's still good or not
  • Tape drives are expensive and difficult to replace; new tapes cost $50 to $180 per unit and should be rotated out of service monthly
  • To be effective, tape backup needs to be run daily, but it's easy to miss a day (or a week)
  • People forget to rotate the tapes
Then there's the time-consuming process of restoring a backup from a tape drive -- if the tape was actually perfect enough to work right, that is. Yet backing up is necessary to protect your data. It has to be done. Data Solutions has the answer. Offsite Backup Service (OBS) is digital. It's reliable and safe. It's guaranteed.

Backing Up Is Easy Now

Data Solutions Offsite Backup Service uses tape-less technology. No more tape drives, zips, floppies, CDs or DVDs. No more frustration. Data Solutions OBS means no more personnel time spent backing up data.

Offsite Backup Service

With Data Solutions Offsite Backup Service, your data is safe and protected. The service is automatic, so no one's billable hours are wasted. Your important business information will always be available and accessible when you want it. By using a system of passwords and encryption codes, you're assured of privacy and protection.

Total Computer Protection

OBS provides data protection for your laptops, too. Most companies back up the information on the server, but may forget about company data residing on certain desktops and laptops not connected with the server. With Data Solutions OBS, these desktops and laptops can be periodically and systematically backed up, with no additional workload to the users. This has the benefit of ensuring all backups will run at their scheduled time and no data will be lost.

Unlimited Levels of Protection

With OBS, your business data is 100% safe from fires, floods, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, or other disasters. If you're more comfortable with additional mediums of backup, OBS Data Replication Option allows you to copy your backup data automatically to an unlimited number of replication nodes. These nodes could be in another building or even in another country. Data Replication Option eliminates the need for an external secure transport vaulting service. Physical transporting of data contains an inherent margin of error, but our digital service eliminates any possible occurrence of negligence or accident.

No Learning Curve

OBS uses interfaces similar to Windows Explorer, which makes it very easy to use. You won't have to learn how to operate a complex piece of software, because everything is self-explanatory. All versions of OBS share the same interfaces on different operating systems. Once you use OBS on one platform, you'll be able to use it on all other operating systems. This makes life much easier for system administrators who are responsible for managing a heterogeneous environment.


OBS has the intelligence to run by itself automatically. No administration is required. OBS performs all its housekeeping tasks, such as backup log removal, automatically. System cleanup activities are also automatic. Once OBS is configured and set up, the system administrator is free to enjoy all OBS benefits with zero administration responsibilities.

Error-reporting System

OBS always keeps the system administrator informed of its status. If anything goes wrong with the system, an e-mail will be sent immediately to the system administrator. Usage and error reports are sent daily. System administrators are still in total control of the OBS system, without spending any work hours on it. Comprehensive reporting features ensure that any possible error can be corrected immediately after it appears. Users will always have a complete set of backup data when needed.

Stable Technology

OBS has been tested by thousands of users worldwide. It has been proven to work as designed, over years of service. You will be notified in advance of all scheduled maintenance and upgrades, so you'll never be without service when you need it. Using OBS gives you peace of mind, because you are using one of the most stable and popular data protection systems in the world. Yet, with all this worldwide commendation, your data is stored digitally here in Lexington.

Get Protected Now

A small fraction of businesses successfully back up critical data on their own, much less handle their backup systems properly or store them securely off-site. Fewer than 10% of backups are ever verified when completed. Nobody ever thinks a data disaster will happen. . . until it does. By then, it's too late. Data Solutions OBS works, no matter what. It is impervious to natural disasters, human error, theft, viruses, hackers, power surges, or equipment failure.

Try It Free

We will install Data Solutions Offsite Backup Service for you and let you use it for 30 days. Call (859) 294-0202 today for this special trial offer.

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