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Data Solutions - Offsite Backup Services

Data Solutions - Offsite Backup Services

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Restore Options
  • Instant & online
  • FREE online restores
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Technical support if you need assistance
Immediate, full restores are always available for system state, active directory, and data files that were backed up. Data can be restored to original machine or any machine that has been authenticated to receive the data.

Media Restores
  • CD or DVD restores available for a small fee
  • Mobile vault restores available for large volumes of data
  • Depending on the size and nature of the restore, data can be transferred to either mobile vaults or DVDs for shipment to the client. For volumes below 50 GB, DVD is usually the recommended media. For larger volumes, data is transferred to a mobile vault, verified, then shipped to the client in a custom shipping case.
Emergency Restores
  • 24/7 technical support
  • NO QUEUES. Our emergency operators have instructions to deliver messages "to a live technician" for immediate callback.
  • If you're having an emergency, you'll appreciate dealing with a company who considers your emergency its emergency. Your restore will be our priority until your data is restored to you.
Rapid Restores
  • When you need your data ASAP
  • As soon as the request is received, the DSI Rapid Restore team immediately begins an assessment to determine the most efficient method of restoring the data. If the data is to be restored via a mobile vault or DVD, the process of exporting data begins immediately following assessment, and arrangements are simultaneously made for transport.
  • The mobile vaults are connected via gigabit connections to the primary vaults in our on-site data center, allowing us to quickly download even huge volumes of data. As soon as the data is written to the vault and verified, the vault is disconnected and packed in a custom shipping case for transport to the client by whatever mode he or she desires, whether by an overnight services or by first commercial airline flight.

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