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What If We Already Have a Tape Backup System?

Using a tape backup system and Data Solutions Offsite Backup Service (OBS) offers the best of both worlds. Critical files, including billing, customer contact files and databases, can be kept on the remote backup system. The tape system can be used to create a full backup of the entire system once or twice a month, instead of on a daily basis. The tapes and drive will last longer and require less maintenance. The remote offsite backup service can provide a quick and easy way to retrieve critical files and databases without the hassle of searching through tapes.

What If We Already Have a Zip Drive?

Frankly, we believe that it is not optimal for most users to utilize a zip or other removable disk media for backup. Data Solutions Offsite Backup Service is completely automated and has the required file redundancy to protect important data. The only safe way to use a zip drive for backup is to have three disks and make the same backup three times. That way when one of the disks fails you are still protected.

How Long Will a Remote Backup Take?

Offices with high-speed Internet connections should find this service comparable with tape drives. Dial-up users will be able to do incremental backups in 30 to 60 minutes. The initial backup can take several nights to complete. We recommend backing up the most important files first and then selecting other files as the backup progresses. Or, the initial backup can be run over the weekend. Also, we can come to your office and make the initial backup of your system.

Onsite, Offsite -- What's the Difference?

Basically, remote backups work like regular tape backups, with one important difference. Instead of sending backups to a tape drive or other media attached to the computer being backed up, a remote backup sends encrypted file data over the Internet to a computer file storage system safely off-site.

This usually happens at night while your business is closed and nobody is using the computers. It's completely automatic. In fact, you may forget it's working every night.

Why Are Remote Backups Considered More Beneficial?

The data is immediately stored off-site using an automated backup system. Also, only an Internet connection is needed, completely eliminating the need for expensive backup equipment and media. And, since the system is automated, manual labor is eliminated.

How Secure Are Remote Backups?

Very. All files are encrypted using Blowfish or DES encryption, selected by the user with their own personal encryption code, which is known only by the user of the system. Blowfish encryption has never been broken by a hacker. DES is used by the federal banking system.

What Is Encryption?

Encryption is basically a mathematical formula that scrambles a data file. And the only way to unscramble it is with the encryption code.

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