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Data Solutions - About Us

Data Solutions - About Us

What does Data Solutions, Inc. do?

Data Solutions, Inc., (DSI) has been providing quality information outsourcing services to businesses in Kentucky and surrounding states since 1985.

DSI provides a wide variety of disciplines on an array of service levels to support your business' unique environment. From consulting on information technology to designing, purchasing, implementing, and supporting those technologies, we will provide the solutions your business requires. But providing solutions is not enough--DSI will also help you take advantage of existing and new technologies that will help secure your company's future.

Some businesses employ DSI to supplement their Information Technologist (IT) or in-house computer experts at times of crisis, for new installations and expansions, or for special projects that require specific skills not normally required in day-to-day operations. But maintaining a staff of employees who have a wide range of technical skills is a great expense that most businesses do not have the budget to support. That's why other businesses employ our staff as their sole technical resource.

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